August 2013 – Welcome Note

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Mathus Academy Newsletter on the auspicious occasion of the Indian Independence day!

The summer seems to have gone too fast. As the schools are getting started, most of us with school age children are off to the familiar routine of getting kids to bed early, waking up while it still appears to be mid-night, packing lunches and getting kids to the school buses and so on. It will be even more fun if your child is heading to the school for the first year

Well, base on the feedback received from the parents, Mathus Academy has launched this newsletter to be your friend in the educational matters. Who does not want a good friend in such an important matter as children’s education?

We kickoff the inaugural edition of the Newsletter with a brief article on the topic that is in the minds of most parents of school going children: Common Core Standards. As most of you would be aware, Georgia and 44 other States have adopted the Common Core stands over the last few years. You would see its impact on the school curricula, as it evolves over the next few years. This article will provide an overview of the Common Core standards with links for additional information.The Current Events section of Newsletter covers important developments happening in the educational field.

If your children (and you) like to give some exercise to the brain, you don’t want to miss the MathGrid. It promotes algebraic thinking in kids without directly referring to Algebra, as the word may scare some kids. The MathGrid is set at three levels: Level I, Level II and Level III. Level I is set at lower elementary level; Level II at upper elementary level; and Level III at middle / high school level. Please note that these levels are only suggestions. Any kids (and adults) may do any level.

We also have a contributory poem from a 6th grade student, Ashrit Jada. Ashrit’s poem is the first reader contribution for the newsletter (even before reading anything on the newsletter!). We hope this inspires other children to send educational stories, poems or any other appropriate contributions. The contribution must be original and should be approved by the parents for publication.

We hope to make the Mathus Academy Newsletter a useful, educational and entertaining tool for you. If you have any suggestions for improvement, or any contributions to make, please feel free to reach out to us at or drop us a comment (comments will be withheld for moderation).

Editorial Team
Kali | Rajesh | Ram | Saurabh