Webinars on Math, English Writing & Public Speaking, Spelling and Neuroscience

We had a series of complementary webinars on Critical Thinking Math, Spelling, English Writing/Public Speaking and Neuroscience by experts in the respective fields during the week of July 16, 2018.

We recorded the live webinars and shared the links here. Recordings are not as engaging as the live webinars, but hope they will still be useful.

SpellGenius Success in Spelling Bees, Monday, July 16 at 9.00 – 10.00 PM EST by Ananya Vinay & Sravanth Malla: http://bit.ly/SpellGeniusWebinarRecording

MathGenius Critical Thinking Math, Tuesday, July 17 at 9.00 – 9.45 PM EST by Dr Brian Lack: http://bit.ly/MathGeniusWebinarRecording

LanguageGenius Writing & Public Speaking, Wednesday, July 18 at 8.00 – 8.45 PM EST by Ms. Ashley Ulrich: http://bit.ly/LanguageGeniusWebinarRecording

NeuroscienceGenius, Thursday, July 19 at 8.00 – 8.45 PM EST by Aayush Setty: http://bit.ly/NeuroscienceWebinarRecording

Speaker Bio’s:

Ananya Vinay: Scripps National Spelling Bee Champion, 2017. Retired Speller and SpellGenius coach. Long-time Mathus Academy MathGenius and PerfectScore SAT student. Avid reader, ‘a bibliophile and a lexophile’. Currently participates in Math and Science competitions, apart from school. 8th grade student in Fresno, CA.

Sravanth Malla: Four-time Scripps National Spelling Bee topper. NSF (North South Foundation) Nationals top-10 finisher for several years. South Asian Spelling Bee Champion, 2017. Retired Speller and SpellGenius coach. High School Freshman in Haverstraw, NY.

Dr Brian Lack: Dr. Lack did his Ph. Din early Math education and currently works as Math curriculum specialist for Forsyth county Board of Education, GA, where he trains school Math teachers on Critical Thinking Math. He also conducts various prestigious Math competitions such as Pi Fight and is the co-judge of our own MathGenius online National Contest. He is also Mathcounts Contest coordinator for NorthGeorgia chapter, and is on the board of GCTM (Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics). Prior to joining Forsyth County Board of Education, Dr. Lack taught Math for 10 years at various K-12 grades, where he specialized in Critical Thinking Math. Dr. Lack lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and two energetic sons. Dr. Lack has been teaching at Mathus Academy for the past three years, both online and onsite.

Ms. Ashley Ulrich: Ms. Ulrich is the co-chair for the Language Arts department at Northview High School in Johns Creek, GA.  She has been teaching at Northview HS for 11 years and has served as co-chair for the last 5 years.  For the first 9 years at Northview, Ms. Ulrich was the head coach for the school’s speech and debate team.  She attended Miami University of Ohio (BS in Adolescent English Education) and Georgia State University (M.Ed in Adolescent English Education). Ms. Ulrich has been teaching at Mathus Academy for the past three years, both online and onsite.

Aayush Setty: National Brain Bee 6th ranker, 2018. Georgia Brain Bee Champion, 2018. On the Board of Directors at the International Youth Neuroscience Association. Key note speaker at Duke TIP course “The Brian, Intelligence and Creativity” and author of the book “The Capgras Illusion: A look into the human consciousness”. High School Junior in Suwanee, GA.