The Million Dollar Unsolved Math Problems – Are you up for them? Sixth and final lecture video in the Discover series

Hope you enjoyed the previous five videos in the Discover the Beauty of Math series. This is the final and an even more motivating Math story. After all, who doesn’t like a cool remuneration of $1 million for solving a Math problem?

For those of you who haven’t read the previous 5 posts or watched the videos, here is some context. During the summer of 2014, I had the pleasure of presenting a series of lectures titled Discovering the Beauty of Math to a select group of students in Atlanta. The goal of this series was not teaching children techniques of math or problem solving, but to present them with the inherent beauty of math and thousands of years of history behind it. Ultimately, the mission of these sessions was to create interest in Math and hopefully a life long passion for Math in children. It was a great success with highly favorable reviews from both children and parents.

The titles of the six videos are:

  1. Math – The Language of Nature
  2. Platonic Solids
  3. The Story of Pi
  4. The Story of Algebra, Calculus and Probability and their colorful history
  5. Fermat’s Last Theorem
  6. The Million-dollar Math problems

A good friend of mine, Vamsi, took the time to video record all the sessions and edit them in a presentable format. These videos were earlier accessible to the children who attended the program and their parents as a recap. For the first time, these videos are exclusively shared with the readers of this blog in a series of 6 posts through our Youtube channel. To receive notifications of future blog posts, please subscribe to this blog and to our Youtube channel.

Now, start your quest for the Million Dollars!