Sun is the (Super) Star

There are millions of stars, but there is one quite important than all the rest combined. No it is not Tom Hanks. Not George Clooney either. The stars that I talk about are up in the sky. The most significant star is our Sun; it is at the Centre of our solar system and is responsible for all life on earth.

The SunThe sun is much bigger than our earth. If we could make copies of earth, you can fit over a million of them inside the sun.

The sun is almost round unlike the Earth and the light from the sun takes a little over eight minutes to reach us. The energy from the sun makes plants grow, which are eaten by animals, who in turn are gobbled up by bigger animals. Humans survive on both plants and animals. If not for the energy from the sun, there won’t be any plants, which means there won’t be any food for animals and we would not have any food either.

We should consider ourselves lucky to be at the right distance from the Sun. If we were any closer to sun, all the water would boil up and evaporate. Any further, it would all freeze solid and the tropics will be as cold as the poles.

Will the Sun ever die on us? The Sun is now middle aged, born 4.5 billion years ago and it has got another 5 billion years before it expands and bursts. Don’t worry, there is plenty of time for scientists to explore and colonize other planets using advance technology for a safer home.

There are some really hot places on Earth where the temperatures soar more than necessary. Death Valley in California is one such place. Do you know of any other hot places on earth? If yes, write to us. If you got it right, it will be posted here.

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