Summer Program: Discovering the Beauty of Math

मेधस Academy is pleased to offer the Summer program Discovering the Beauty of Math. The program is open to rising 5th to 8th graders.

The program will offer a journey through mathematics over the last 2500 years to help kids appreciate the beauty of mathematics and inspire them to develop a lifelong interest in the subject. It will be delivered through a combination of lectures, interactive activities, and multi-media presentations in a class room setting. The program’s primary goal is to spread a passion for math among children during their formative years. Here is brief outline of the program content: 

  1. The Language of Nature: Galileo said that if the nature is a book, it is written in the language of mathematics. Kids will learn how mathematicians unraveled this beautiful language of nature over the millennia. They will also learn an interesting problem posed by a particular 12th century son of Bonacci, that demonstrates how nature expresses itself through mathematics.
  2. Platonic Solids: Did the ancient Greek’s belief that nature is wrapped in five symmetrical solids called regular polyhedra true? Kids will learn how the Platonic Solids inspired many mathematicians over two thousand years and continue to inspire many architects and artists by interactively building the Platonic Solids themselves during the program.
  3. The Story of Pi: How did an ingenious librarian of the ancient Library of Alexandria cleverly used mathematics to measure the size of the Earth before the invention of modern satellites and even telescope? And what does it have to do with the intriguing Story of Pi (not the movie, but the mathematical Pi)?
  4. Algebra, Calculus, and Probability are not 8-headed dragon to be scared of. They are three of the best things that ever happened to mankind. Even a 5th grader can appreciate their beauty; and you can too!
  5. Fermat’s Last Theoremthe problem that took over 300 years to solve: what problem did this 17th century French mathematician wrote on the margin of his notebook, but didn’t bother to write the solution because the margin was too small. Why did it take the brightest mathematical minds over 300 years to solve this simplistic looking problem?
  6. The Million Dollar Math Problems: A million dollars a piece sounds impressive. Why not take a shot at any of these 7 millennia math problems and pocket a cool million dollars? Come take a shot. Even if you don’t make the million dollars, you may find the passion that stays with your life!
The six tracks together are meant to provide both inspiration and information to the children to pursue mathematics with passion. While the program is designed as an integrated unit through the six tracks, each track is fairly independent of others, so if a child misses one of the sessions, he or she should be able to continue to attend the rest of the program without losing coherence. We will try to record the sessions, so that any child who misses a specific session can watch it later.

The program is currently offered only in Atlanta metro area. For any questions, email us at