Score Distribution Charts – 2019 MathGenius, MathCore Tests

Below charts provide the score distributions of the students in the MathGenius  National Contests 2019 and MathCore  Prep Tests 201 by grade. By looking at this distribution and your child’s score, you will be able to infer where your child stands among the children who participated in the respective 2019 Test for the grade.

Please note that the children who participate in our Tests are typically already advanced in Math, and hence you are not comparing with the National average, but with other advanced children.

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Note: In the below charts, 95-100 includes those who got 95% or more (i.e., 95% or 100%); 90-95 includes those who got 90% and so on.[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]

MathGenius Critical Thinking Math National Conest 2019 Score Distribution Charts

MathGenius Grade 1 Score Distribution
MathGenius Grade 2 Score Distribution
MathGenius Grade 3 Score Distribution
MathGenius Grade 4 Score Distribution
MathGenius Grade 5 Score Distribution
MathGenius Grade 6 Score Distribution
MathGenius Grade 7 Score Distribution
MathGenius Grade 8 Score Distribution

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MathCore Prep Test 2019 Score Distribution Charts

MathCore Grade 3 Distribution Chart
MathCore Grade 4 Distribution Chart
MathCore Grade 5 Distribution Chart
MathCore Grade 6 Distribution Chart
MathCore Grade 7 Distribution Chart
MathCore Grade 8 Distribution Chart