Registration for MathGenius National Contest and MathCore Prep Test Open

Registration for 2017 MathGenius National Contest and MathCore Common Core Math Prep Test are now open. Both will be available for 3rd – 8th grade students.  Both are online tests, and will be conducted on our assessment website (for Atlanta metro area residents, MathCore Common Core Pre/Georgia Milestone Prep test is also available onsite at Settles Bridge Elementary School; please see details below). Registration for all tests is through the same website. After reading this post, please see the below posts ‘instructions for creating a new account at our assessment website’ and ‘instructions for registering your children at our assessment website’. If your child does not have account currently on, please follow the instructions on the first post to create the account, and proceed to the second post for registering him/her for the tests. If your child already has an account, you can login using the user id/password, and directly go to the second post to register your child. If you forgot the user id and/or password, you can recover them by clicking on ‘forgotten user id/password’ link on

Register at:

MathGenius National Contest is an online National-level contest and will be conducted from March 12th – 18th  on our assessment website This National Contest will help your child(ren) further their Critical Thinking journey and help determine where he/she stands vis-a-vis other aspiring children across the country in their respective grades.Top 3 rankers in each grade will be awarded a medal and a certificate, and Top 10 rankers will be awarded certificates.

MathCore Common Core Math Prep Test, as the name indicates, is a Prep test for Common Core Standardized Math Test (For Georgia students it is equivalent to Georgia Milestones). Common Core standards are adapted by over 40 states and each state has its own standardized test (some use PARCC or SmarterBalanced, which are also Common Core based standardized tests). While each state’s test is slightly different, most have some common themes, and our MathCore Prep Test provides a platform for practicing before the actual state test. Based on the parent feedback, we made this test now open for 30 days from March 19th – April 18th, and each registered child can take it up to 10 times for practice during this period. Feedback will be right after each attempt, and there is no need for separate grading. The purpose of this test is purely for practice before the standardized tests at the school.

MathCore prep test is free of cost, while fee for MathGenius National Contest is $25 per student. Payment is processed while registering at

If you live in Atlanta metro area, MathCore Georgia Milestones Math Prep Test is also available onsite at Settles Bridge Elementary school, Suwanee GA on Saturday, March 18th (please note the change in date from 11th to 18th) from 10 AM – 11.15 AM. This test is also free of cost. The registration for the onsite MathCore test is same as the registration for online MathCore Prep test. The registration will only ask for online MathCore, but if your state is GA, your child will also be automatically registered for the onsite test. All the Georgia residents whose children are registered for MathCore will receive a detailed mail about the onsite test logistics a few days before the test.

Details of number of questions, types of questions, grading and ranking will be posted later. Please keep a watch on this blog for the details between.

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If you have any friends or family with 3rd – 8th grade children who could be benefited by these tests, please feel free to forward this mail (or direct them to this blog