You Don’t Know Jack

Jack Thomas Andraka is an inventor, scientist and cancer researcher. He is the recipient of the 2012 Gordon E. Moore Award, the grand prize of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Andraka was awarded the $75,000 Award, named in honor of the co-founder of Intel Corporation, for his work in developing a new, rapid, […]

October 2013 – Welcome Note

Dear Friends, Welcome to the October edition of Mathus Academy Educational newsletter. Hope you and your children have enjoyed our inaugural newsletter and the blogs – especially the MathGrid and Science Saturdays, and the recent science competition ‘Who is Satyendra Bose?” As you read the newsletter articles, if you would like to ask a question […]

October 2013 – Reader Contribution

TEENAGER Adolescence is one of the most interesting parts of life. When you’re a teenager you have more freedom to steer your life toward whatever you want to be. This poem is about what I want to accomplish when I’m a teenager. Time management Enthusiasm to learn new things Eager to get a driver’s license […]

Who is Satyendra Bose?

This year’s Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to two scientists who predicted the existence of the “God’s particle” boson. This particle is closely connected to an Indian Physicist, Satyendra Bose. Find the connection between Satyendra Bose and the God’s particle boson, and write your thoughts about Bose, boson, Bose – Einstein connection and this year’s Nobel Prize […]

Sun is the (Super) Star

There are millions of stars, but there is one quite important than all the rest combined. No it is not Tom Hanks. Not George Clooney either. The stars that I talk about are up in the sky. The most significant star is our Sun; it is at the Centre of our solar system and is […]