Onsite Test Logistics for March 12th, Saturday (for Georgia students only)

Dear Parents,

Hope you are all doing great. मेधस Academy team is working round the clock to provide make Saturday, March 12th MathCore onsite tests useful and impactful to the children.

Important Announcements:

  • Parents session: We will also have an informative parent session in the school cafeteria covering topics of interest to the parents as well as Q&A session. We are fortunate to have a special guest speaker this year, in addition to SBE Principal Mrs. Rice and yours truly Ram Yeleti for the parents’ session: Dr. Brian Lack, Forsyth County Math Curriculum Specialist. Dr. Lack’s passion is to train Math teachers across the County and is a sought-after speaker and mentor. He also annually conducts Pi Fight, a Math competition, and he is now also the chief judge of our MathGenius Online National Contest. There is limited capacity in the cafeteria, and it will be first-come-first served seating. Overflow will not be allowed in order to meet the school safety regulations.
  • Blog updates and subscription: Most updates including last minute test logistics, score updates, top rankers updates etc will be done on our blog mathusacademy.com. If your child is taking the test(s), and you haven’t subscribed to the blog yet, please Subscribe ASAP by clicking the Subscribe button on the right margin of the blog’s home page, to make sure you that you will not miss the critical updates. Subscription to the blog is currently free of cost. You will also find a lot of educational topics of interest on the blog.

Important Test Logistics:

  • Arrival: Please arrive at 9 AM on Saturday for test check-in to the test venue: Settles Bridge Elementary (SBE) School, 600 James Burgess Rd, Suwanee, GA 30024. The test will start sharp at 10 AM. Over 500 children are registered for the Saturday onsite tests. It will take us 1 hr to get all the children checked-in, get to the respective test rooms, and start the test on time at 10 AM, so please do not arrive at the last minute. Even if you (inadvertently) registered your child for the MathCore online tests, I recommend that you bring the child for the Saturday onsite tests, if you are living in metro-Altanta area.
  • What to carry: Please bring 2 sharpened pencils, an eraser and a sharpener. You do not need to bring any papers. Children will be given a test sheet and an answer sheet during the test, and can use the test sheet as the scratch paper. They would need to transfer the answers to the answer sheets. At the end of test, children will return both test sheet and answer sheet to the proctor. Calculators are NOT allowed for the MathCore prep test.
  • Parking: As you arrive, you can park in one of three parking lots. If you arrive early enough, you will have the luxury parking within SBE school parking late. If the SBE lot is full, you may park in the school bus parking area, or the adjoining Riverwatch middle school parking area, and you will have a little bit of walk. There is a small possibility of rain. Please check the weather on Saturday morning, bring an umbrella if required, and please dress appropriately to suit the weather.
  • Check-in/Check-out: As you enter the school building, please go to the left side to the Gymnasium, where check-in will happen. We simplified the check-in/check-out process this year to allow for faster check-in/check-out without compromising the security. As you enter the Gym, please go to one of the check-in tables and see the check-in volunteers. The volunteer will have all the registered children names sorted by grade and last name. Please inform the volunteer of the child’s grade and last name and he/she will swiftly check you in. Please also bring a signed copy of consent form emailed earlier and hand it over to the volunteer. After that, the volunteer will give part 1 of a ticket to you (parent) and part 2 of the ticket to the child. Both tickets will have the same number. It is important that you both hold onto the tickets until the test is complete and you are ready to checkout the child. If both parent and child have the matching tickets, checkout will be very simple. You will return both tickets to the checkout volunteer at any of the exits and leave immediately. If either the parent or child loses the ticket, there will be additional checks to ensure security of the child and you may have to wait for a while.
    • During the test: As soon as the chick-in is complete, parents will need to go to the school cafeteria, which is on the other side of the reception area. The children will move behind the check-in tables, and the volunteers will escort the children to the respective test rooms. The MathCore tests will end at 11.15 AM. If the parent/guardian is not going to stay until the test is complete and arranges for someone else to pick up the child, please make sure to pass the ticket to that person. The child should be able to recognize that person as well.
  • Test Format: The MathCore prep tests comprise of 35 multiple choice and 3 free response questions. Actual Georgia Milestones tests comprise of 70 multiple choice and 3 free response questions, so this test is about half of the Georgia Milestones test.
  • Info session: While the tests are in progress, we will have info session for the parents in the cafeteria, and parents are welcome to join the session (within the capacity limits of the cafeteria).
  • Donations to SBE: We will have Donation Boxes at several places. SBE is instrumental in helping us keep onsite MathCore tests completely free of cost. SBE has not only offered the facility for free, but also the Principal Mrs. Rice personally comes early in the morning before anyone else comes, opens the doors for us, stays throughout the test and help us successfully conduct the tests. I urge all onsite parents to make generous donations of $5 – $10 to SBE. The donation boxes will be directly given to the school and the money is used for special projects such as enhancing media center,  library, science lab etc. Please make sure to bring the cash that you want to donate. We had several parents in the past, who genuinely wanted to donate but didn’t have the cash readily.
  • Singapore Math Books will also be available for sale in the cafeteria. These books are made available by North South Foundation (NSF), and educational non-proft, and 100% of the proceeds from sale of the books will go to NSF. Books are available from 1st – 6th grade in 5 levels of difficulty for each grade. Each book costs $12. Only cash or checks accepted.
  • PerfectScore SAT: If your child is registered for PerfectScore SAT prep test, please read the following carefully: This will be a full SAT (New SAT) prep test, excluding the optional essay. It will be a 3 hrs 45 minutes test, and with breaks it will take 4 hrs. Hence, this starts at 8.30 AM and ends at 12.30 PM. Please arrive by 8.15 AM, so that your child can start the test on time. Calculators will be allowed in one of the Math sections, so please bring the calculator. Please also bring some snacks and water bottles as the children will need them during this long test of endurance.
  • MathGenius Critical thinking online National contest: If you haven’t registered your child for the MathGenius National contest, there is still time for it. It is a great opportunity to start/continue your child’s Critical Thinking journey.
  • Score communication: It will take us up to 2 weeks to grade all the papers, verify the scores, and upload the scores into our registration/online test site mathusacademy.org. Yes, the scores will be uploaded to the site and will not be emailed or communicated through any other media. We will publish a post on our blog mathusacademy.com when the scores are uploaded to the registration site. To avoid missing any updates, please subscribe to the blog.

I am excited about meeting all of you and provide a great test experience to the children (and an informative session for the parents). See you all on Saturday.