Mathus Academy Annual Tests 2019

Dear Friends,

Mathus Academy is excited to usher in 2019 with early registration of the Annual Online tests – MathGenius Critical Thinking National Contest and MathCore Common Core Prep Test are open now.

You may register from our homepage by clicking on ‘Register for Annual Online Tests’ or click here.

  • Even more excitingly, we will have cash prizes  for the MathGenius Contests for the first time this year. Please see FAQs for details.
  • Early bird fees are available until Jan 31, 2019 including free registration for MathCore Common Core prep tests.
  • Both tests will be available to take online from March 22 – 29, 2019.
  • The highly popular ResponseSheets – where your child’s responses for the questions, along with test questions, answer choices and step-by-step solutions – will be provided are available as well.
  • To keep all details easily accessible, we structured the info as FAQs. You can access these by clicking on FAQs here or from several other places, including our homepage, on the login page and right here (below).



What are Mathus Academy’s Annual Tests?

Mathus Academy conducts two tests during the month of March every year – MathGenius Critical Thinking National Contest (MG for short) for 1st – 8th grade children and MathCore Common Core Prep Test (MC for short) for 3rd – 8th grade children.

MG, as the name suggests, will have Critical Thinking questions that focus on problem solving. It is a National Contest with cash prizes and medals and certificates for the top rankers. MC is purely a prep test for the standardized school tests. It is not contest. Grades will be provided, but there won’t be any ranking as the goal of MC is purely preparation for standardized school tests).


How do I register my child for the tests?

Click on the ‘register for annual online tests’ link on (or select login for tests from main menu). If this is your child’s first time with Mathus Tests, please create a free account on the next page and login to the account. If your child has taken test last year, please login with the username and password you created (if your child has registered earlier than last year, but not last year, please create a new account as we moved to a new system last year).

Each child needs a different account. The account is unique to a student. Please make sure your child’s name is entered in ‘name’ and not the parent’s name. There is a separate field for parent’s name. If you have registered last year, and you notice is that your or your spouse’s name is there in place of name, please click on ‘profile’ under the name on right top and update the name.

After logging in, you will see the two tests – MathGenius Critical Thinking Contest and MathCore Common Core Prep Test. Please select the respective grade test from the dropdown, checkmark ResponseSheet for each test, read and checkmark terms and conditions, and click register. If there is fee to be paid (please see next question for fees), you will be directed to PayPal. After the payment is completed, registration will be confirmed. You will also receive an email confirming the registration. Your child is all set!

Please have your child login any time between March 22 and March 29 and take the tests.If you would like to register additional children, please create a separate account for them and repeat the process.


What are the cash prizes for MathGenius Contest?

Top 3 ranked children in each grade (grades 1 to 8) of MathGenius Contest will receive the following fees:

  • First rank: $100
  • Second rank: $75
  • Third rank: $50

Additionally, Top 10 ranked children will also be given certificates of achievement. MathCore is purely a prep test for school standardized tests. No ranks will be provided for MathCore, but grades will be provided. If signed up for ResponseSheet, your child will also get access to all questions, answer choices, your child’s response to the questions and the step-by-step solutions. For MathGenius ranking, tie-breaks will be broken by time taken for the test. If there is a tie on the time taken, tie will be broken by the score of the last 5 questions.


What are the fee for the tests?

The following are the early bird fee for registrations made by Jan 31.

  • MathCore Common Core Prep Test is free of cost.
  • MathGenius Critical Thinking National Contest fee is $20 per child.
  • Each ResponseSheet fee is $10.

The following are late fee for registrations made after Jan 31.

  • MathCore Common Core Prep Test fee s $10.
  • MathGenius Critical Thinking National Contest fee is $30 per child.
  • ResponseSheet fee will continue to be $10.


What is honor code?

Honor code is where each child and each parent pledges to make sure that the child takes highest standards of test taking and will follow all rules. Our tests are self-administered and the child should only use her/his knowledge, skills and a scratch paper to take the test. No external material, parent/sibling or others help should be taken during the test. Calculators are not permitted during the test. Further, as tests are administered over a week, questions should not be written or screenshots taken or discussed with anyone.


What is the format of the tests? How many questions will be there in each test?

MathGenius Contest will have 20 Critical Thinking Math multiple-choice questions. MathCore Prep Test will have 35 grade-level Math multiple-choice questions. All questions carry equal points.


How can my child prepare for the tests?

To get sample MathGenius Contest papers, please visit and from the menu on top right, please click ‘MathGenius 2018 Contest Booklets’. We have ongoing MathGenius online classes that will help prepare for children for MathGenius contests as well as other Math competitions such as Math Kangaroo, NSF Math Bee, AMC 8/10, Mathcounts.

MathCore does not require separate preparation, but our MathGenius classes help strengthen school Math and MathCore as well although we do not directly cover school Math.


When can my child take the tests? And how long are the tests?

Your child may take the test any time between March 22 to March 29. Each test is for 1 hour and the system will automatically time the test. If the test is not submitted in 1 hr, the system will auto-submit it.


What precautions should I take before my child takes the test?

Please make sure that the computer is plugged into power and there is a good internet before starting the test. Please also make sure there is distraction-free environment. Please keep a paper and pencil next to the computer so your child can do any scratch work.


Where should my child enter her responses?

All questions are multiple-choice. Your child may do the work on a scratch sheet, and just select the correct answer among the choices listed.


Are Calculators allowed in the test?

No. Calculators are not allowed in both tests.


When and where would my child’s grade (score) be available?

Scores will be available by April 15 after logging into the test website. We will update this blog when the scores are available. At that time, please login back to the test site by clicking ‘login (for tests)’ from main menu of the website, same way you would login for taking the test. After logging in, please click on the little avatar on top right next to your child’s name. Click on grade and you will find your child’s grade.


What is ResponseSheet and how will I get access to it?

ResponseSheet provides questions, answer choices, your child’s response and step-by-step solutions for all questions. Since we started the annual tests in 2012, this was the most frequent request by parents. Since last year, we started providing the optional ResponseSheets and the feedback is unanimously positive. If your child is signed up to the ResponseSheets of either or both tests, you will be able to access them on or after April 15 by logging in. Login credentials for ResponseSheets is same as your main login for the tests. We will post an update on this blog when the ResponseSheets are available.