MathFest by Mathus Academy and JRMF

Mathus Academy partnered with Julia Robinson Math Festival (JRMF) to conduct its first MathFest (Mathematics Festival) on October 28 at Cumming Elementary School. The event was attended by more than 250 children (and about an equal number of parents) from all over the Atlanta metro area. The event was completely free of cost to the parents and events.

The goal of MathFest was to make Math fun to the children. The MathFest had 20 tables with a different Math game/puzzle at each table. Each activity was led by college or high school student volunteer who moderated the activity for the elementary/middle school children.

The kids had a lot of fun with in playing the Math games as is evident from the photo gallery. So did the parents and volunteers.

Mathus Academy also raised donations for Cumming Elementary School. The donations were immediately handed over to the Principal. Cumming Elementary is a Title I school and every dollar that the generous parents donated goes toward equipping the children better for tomorrow. Thank you generous donors!

Special thanks to the Principal Mrs. Lee Ann Rice who sacrificed her Sunday afternoon to open the facility and stay with us throughout the event and JRMF Director of Math Festivals Dr. Hector Rosario. Dr. Rosario is instrumental in making this event happen.

Here are some of the activities that kids had fun with at the event:

  • Speed-cubing with Rubik’s Cube
  • Dimension: a three-dimensional fast paced spatial game
  • Mobius Strip
  • Soma Cube
  • Chess Covers
  • Egyptian Mystery
  • Cookie Monster
  • Chocolate Fix
  • Frogs and Toads
  • Trapezoidal Numbers
  • Add-in Puzzles
  • Prisoner Probabilities
  • Wolves and Sheep
  • Who gets the last penny & so on

If you have attended the event, please let us know what is your favorite event!