Launching Mathus Academy Educational Newsletter on August 15th

Dear Parents,

Hope you all are enjoying the summer. Well, July is fast closing to an end, August is almost here, the kids seem to have grown up by a year, and it is time to think about the next academic year. For some of you, it is coming too quick. And some of you just can’t wait for it – getting kids to bed early, waking up while it still appears to be mid-night, packing lunches and getting kids to the school buses (or drop them at school)… Don’t we all love it? Smile

Well, Mathus Academy Educational Newsletter editorial team is at work through the summer preparing to launch the Newsletter. We finally have a date set for the launch and a few other details. Here they are –

  • The Newsletter will be launched in August with the inaugural issue going out on the 15th of August to coincide both with the Indian independence day and the school commencement.
  • It will be a bi-monthly Newsletter that will be sent out during the months of August, October, December, February, April and June of the year.
  • As stated in the previous communication, the Newsletter will be tailored to the needs of the parents with K-12 children – focused on the K-12 American education system, with a bent of Indian flavor.
  • It will contain educational articles, educational news, educational puzzles, stories etc.
  • If you or your children have any original ideas / content for the Newsletter (including inspiring stories, poetry, articles, news etc.) and would like to publish it in the Newsletter, please feel free to reach out to the editorial team at

Before signing off, I would like to introduce the editorial team. The editorial team is made up of some energetic and diverse individuals: Kali Luthra, Rajesh Jampala, and Saurabh Choukse, apart from yours truly.

Kali is a rising 9th grader and would be going to Woodward Academy next year. We will get the unique perspective of a high school student through Kali’s eyes and pen (well, the keyboard in the technology era).

Rajesh is an avid voluntary contributor to the Indian community in Atlanta. He helped organize many contests for Indian kids under the umbrella of many Indian organizations. He works for the Georgia Department of Education as a Data Architect, and is a passionate promoter of strong education for children. He is a dad of two school going boys. He also happens to be my college mate at JNTU Kakinada.

Saurabh is a Technology and Science enthusiast, and passionate about life. He brings strong sense of commitment and liveliness to any project he works on. He is also a strong proponent of the open source cause.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions for improvement or ideas for publishing in the Newsletter, please reply to



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