There are millions of living things in this world. To know and understand them better, scientists have classified them into six kingdoms. They are: Plants, Animals, Fungi, Eubacteria, Archaebacteria, and Protists.

Plants include trees and grass, moss and ferns and even the grass in your backyard. Plants are many celled organisms. Plants make their own food by using air, water and sunlight.

Without plants, life on earth is not possible. And they are found almost anywhere on the planet.

Animals include dinosaurs and ant alike. Animals are many celled organisms too, but unlike plants, animals do not produce their own food. There are different kinds of animals living in different ways. It includes birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. We are mammals.image

Fungi may resemble plants but they are different. They can be single celled or multi celled. They do not make their own food instead they depend on dead or decaying plant or animal for food. They are decomposers. They are very important.

I bet you have seen at least one type of fungi, may have eaten it too. Wonder what it is? It is the mushroom on your pizza. Some fungi can be tasty, some useful and some deadly.

Eubacteria are made up of just one cell. They are found everywhere, even in your body. There are both good and bad bacteria. Good bacteria helps to make yogurt and cheese and also helps you digest your food. Bad bacteria makes you sick.

They can be spiral shaped, rod shaped or round with tails or hairs that lets them move around. They make more of themselves by splitting in half.

Archaebacteria are the only organism that can live in extreme conditions. They can live in places where there is no oxygen; they live in hot geysers in places like Yellowstone national park and even in acid pools.

Protists are different from the rest. Any organism that is not a plant, not an animal, not fungi, not bacteria is protists. They are mostly single celled organism. Some protists make their own food like plants, some get energy from eating other things. Some protists move, some don’t. Algae are the commonly known protists. The green slimy stuff that you see on the surface of lakes and ponds is algae.

Which is your favorite plant and animal and why? Do you know any good or bad bacteria? Write to us in the comments section below.