Happy Teacher’s Day!

Happy Teacher’s Day!

Of all the teachers we had, there always were a few (or may be just one) teachers that made an impregnable mark on us that stayed with us. Today, try to remember those teacher(s) and thank them in your inner heart. If you are lucky enough to still know their whereabouts, send them a thank you note.

Here are my heroes, to whom I am indebted forever:

  • Srinivas garu, my Math teacher from 8th to 10 grades at Bhupathipalem. Sriniavas garu was instrumental in making Math my life long passion;
  • Das garu, my high school social studies teacher, who for the first time in my life, brought History to life with real stories instead of dates and places;
  • Samrat garu (sorry, we used to call him by the Samrat two-wheeler he used to drive – don’t remember is actual name), my 6th – 7th Math teacher, who encouraged me to move from my hometown high school, where I was topper to the highly competitive APR School, Bhupathipalem, where I was admitted in the third round as a bottom ranker;
  • Madhav Rao garu, my science teacher in Katravulalapalli, who inspired me to pursue Science with Passion.

I am forever indebted to these teachers. I am not fortunate enough to know their whereabouts, but I hope that I will find them one day.

Thank you sirs!