Georgia Milestones 2016-17 Resources

Here are some important Georgia Milestones Assessment (GMA) resources for the Georgia 3rd-12th children and parents. There are no GMA assessments for children below 3rd grade.

A note for parents outside of Georgia: Georgia is a Common Core standards state, as do 44 other states. However, similar to many other states, Georgia has adapted, and renamed the standards with minimal modifications for Math and ELA. The Georgia Milestones assessment is a test designed for Georgia students, conforming to the Common Core standards. I find that Georgia assessments are somewhat diluted compared to the the two federally-funded assessment systems, viz., PARCC and SmarterBalanced. If you live in a Common Core state (most states are Common Core states currently, although you may not realize it due to the renaming by most states), you may find most of below documents relevant. You will likely find similar documents for your state in your states Doe (Dept of Education) website.

Georgia Milestones EOG (End-of-grade) summative assessments for 3rd – 8th grade children will be conducted during the month of April, generally after the Spring break, although some school tests may stretch up to first week of May. Please contact your school teachers or website for the specific dates for your child’s school. Georgia Milestones EOC (End-of-course) summative assessments for high school children will be conducted during mostly during the month of May, although certain test dates at some schools may stretch into June. Please contact the school teachers or website for the specific dates for your child’s school. AP (Advanced Placement) exams for high school students will be conducted between May 1st and  12th. Please refer to College Board website for specific AP course dates.

Georgia Dept of Education (GA DOE) has published three sets of documents in increasing detail as aids. The document refer to 2015-16, but are applicable to 2016-17 as well.


The first document provides ‘content weights’,  for each grade and subject: GADOE Milestones_Content_Weights.


The next set of documents are called Blueprints. The bluepritnts expand on the content weight for each grade, and give additional details of the assessments for the respective grade.

3rd – 8th Grade Blueprints:








High School Blueprints:

9th grade Lit Blueprint

American Lit Blueprint

Coord Algebra Blueprint

Analytic_Geo Blueprint

Algebra I Blueprint

Geometry Blueprint

Physical Science Blueprint

Biology Blueprint

US History Blueprint

Economics Blueprint


The last set of documents are detailed Study Guides for each Grade:

Grade 3 StudyGuide

Grade 4 StudyGuide

Grade 5 StudyGuide

Grade 6 StudyGuide

Grade 7 StudyGuide

Grad 8 Study Guide