Launching College Counseling for High School Students

Mathus Academy is pleased to launch College Counseling offering for High School students. We soft-launched this offering a while back and we are now ready for prime time now. Our College Counseling will be headed by retired Prof. Sekhar who made a hard-hitting, scintillating presentation on the US Higher Education system and College Admission nuances […]

Mathus Academy Annual Tests – 2020

Dear Friends, Mathus Academy is excited to usher in 2020 with early registration of the Annual Online tests – MathGenius Critical Thinking National Contest and MathCore Common Core Prep Test are open now. You may register by clicking here. Even more excitingly, we have increased the  prize money for the MathGenius Contests this year. Please see FAQ’s below for details. Both tests […]

Math Kangaroo Classes 2019-20

Registration for the popular Math competition ‘Math Kangaroo’ is now opened up by Math Kangaroo. The contest will be on March 19, 2020 all over the United States in local venues and is open for 1st – 12th grade students. If you would like to get more info or register your child, please go to […]

Score Distribution Charts – 2019 MathGenius, MathCore Tests

Below charts provide the score distributions of the students in the MathGenius  National Contests 2019 and MathCore  Prep Tests 201 by grade. By looking at this distribution and your child’s score, you will be able to infer where your child stands among the children who participated in the respective 2019 Test for the grade. Please note that the children […]