First SpellGenius Workshop & Bee in the Bay Area

Mathus Academy’s first SpellGenius Workshop & Invitational Bee in the Bay Area was conducted on September 23 Sunday at the Braly Elementary School in Sunnyvale, CA. It was attended by over 100 highly motivated children from all over Northern California and was an unqualified success. Mr. Ram Yeleti, the Founder of Mathus Academy and SpellGenius, kicked off the […]

Webinars on Math, English Writing & Public Speaking, Spelling and Neuroscience

We had a series of complementary webinars on Critical Thinking Math, Spelling, English Writing/Public Speaking and Neuroscience by experts in the respective fields during the week of July 16, 2018. We recorded the live webinars and shared the links here. Recordings are not as engaging as the live webinars, but hope they will still be useful. SpellGenius Success […]