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Interview with Raghav Tripathi – winner of Intel STS, Intel ISEF and Siemens competition in Math, Science and Technology

Mathus Academy is pleased to bring this exclusive interview with Raghav Tripathi, the winner of Intel Science Talent Search, Intel International Science Fair and Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology. We hope this interview will help bring awareness of the immense scientific opportunities available in the country, inspire children to pursue science, and make […]

Science Competitions for Children

When Raghav Tripathi was in second grade at Findley elementary school in Portland Oregon, his mom broke her leg while skiing. She refused to take pain medication because of the side effects. That incident spurred Raghav to start a search that ultimately culminated in reaching the top levels at Siemens competition in Math,Science, and Technology, and Intel International Science and Engineering Fair […]