MathGrid Rules

Do you want to have some fun and learn Math in the process? The MathGrid will help exercise to your brain in a fun way. The MathGrid is available at three levels: Level I, Level II and Level III. Level I is generally designed for lower elementary kids; Level II is designed for upper elementary kids; […]

Useful Educational Links

1. Mathcounts competition: 2. Siemens competition in Math, Science, and Technology: 3. Intel Science Talent Search: 4. Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF): 5. Google Science Fair: 6. Davidson Fellows: 7. Junior Science and Humanities Symposium: 8. Common Core K-12 standards for Math: 9. Common Core K-12 standards for English Language Arts: 10. General […]

October 2013 – Welcome Note

Dear Friends, Welcome to the October edition of Mathus Academy Educational newsletter. Hope you and your children have enjoyed our inaugural newsletter and the blogs – especially the MathGrid and Science Saturdays, and the recent science competition ‘Who is Satyendra Bose?” As you read the newsletter articles, if you would like to ask a question […]

October 2013 – Reader Contribution

TEENAGER Adolescence is one of the most interesting parts of life. When you’re a teenager you have more freedom to steer your life toward whatever you want to be. This poem is about what I want to accomplish when I’m a teenager. Time management Enthusiasm to learn new things Eager to get a driver’s license […]