MathGenius and MathCore Results published (and Request for Feedback)

Dear Parents, The scores and percentiles for MathGenius Critical Thinking Math Contest and MathCore Common Core Math Prep Test are now published on our registration/assessment site Please login to your child’s account to see the scores and percentiles. We noticed that a few children did not ‘submit’ their tests and hence their responses are not […]

Test results for MathGenius and MathCore to be published on April 3rd

Dear Parents, I am glad to note that both online and onsite tests are successfully completed now. It is heartening to see thousands of children from across the country taking the MathCore Common Core Math prep tests and MathGenius Critical Thinking Math tests. Several hundreds of children also took onsite MathCore Common Core Math prep tests and PerfectScore SAT prep tests […]

Live Test Updates

We will use this post for live updates during the ongoing MathCore, MathGenius and PerfectScore tests. Important Note: Most updates regarding the tests, scoring, ranks etc will be done through this blog. If you registered your child for the tests, please subscribe to this blog by clicking the Subscribe button on the right margin of […]

The Million Dollar Unsolved Math Problems – Are you up for them? Sixth and final lecture video in the Discover series

Hope you enjoyed the previous five videos in the Discover the Beauty of Math series. This is the final and an even more motivating Math story. After all, who doesn’t like a cool remuneration of $1 million for solving a Math problem? For those of you who haven’t read the previous 5 posts or watched […]

Fermat’s Last Theorem – the Mystery that defied Mathematicians for over 300 years: Fifth lecture video in the Discover the Beauty of Math series

In this fifth lecture in the Discover the Beauty of Math series, you and your children will unearth a great mystery of Math. Its seeds were laid about 2000 years back. The challenge was thrown about 350 years back in an intriguing manner – on the margin of an obscure book. It challenged the greatest mathematicians since […]