January 2014 MathGrid Contest Results

MathGrid January contest received a fantastic response from children around US. As anticipated, we received lot more responses to Levels I and II than Levels III and Nova. Levels III and Nova are much harder than the Levels I and II, but we are glad that many kids did crack the levels III and Nova as […]

January 2014 – Welcome Note

Dear Friends, Wish you all a Happy, Prosperous and Intellectually Stimulating New Year! Hope you all had wonderful holidays and are ready to kickoff 2014 with renewed energy. 2013 was a momentous year for Mathus Academy educational newsletter and blog. MathGrid contests are not only helping the kids in sharpening algebraic skills, but have become catchy among  the kids; ‘Who is […]

Science Competitions for Children

When Raghav Tripathi was in second grade at Findley elementary school in Portland Oregon, his mom broke her leg while skiing. She refused to take pain medication because of the side effects. That incident spurred Raghav to start a search that ultimately culminated in reaching the top levels at Siemens competition in Math,Science, and Technology, and Intel International Science and Engineering Fair […]


MATHCOUNTS competitions are US national middle school level math competitions. They promote math achievement through a series of fun and engaging ‘bee’ style competitions. The competitions are conducted by  a non-profit organization MATHCOUNTS Foundation. The competitions are conducted at four levels: school level, chapter level, state level and national level. Annually, over 250,000 sixth, seventh, and […]

Useful Educational Links

1. Mathcounts competition: 2. Siemens competition in Math, Science, and Technology: 3. Intel Science Talent Search: 4. Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF): 5. Google Science Fair: 6. Davidson Fellows: 7. Junior Science and Humanities Symposium: 8. Common Core K-12 standards for Math: 9. Common Core K-12 standards for English Language Arts: 10. General […]