Common Core

44 States, 4000+ students, and a Roller Coaster Ride of Common Core Prep Tests!

Good morning all! What a roller coaster ride it was! Over a year from concept to execution: Hundreds of man days in researching, preparing the papers, reviewing, designing, developing and testing the software, deploying it on Amazon cloud, working with North South Foundation to reach out to thousands of parents/children across the United States, registering […]

Online Prep Test Reschedule

Dear Parents, Thank you for your understanding, patience, and support during last week’s server crash during the test time. We are overwhelmed by the number of support mails received. We are blessed to be associated with such understanding parents. Thank you. We reconfigured the online tests, upgraded the hardware, and have been testing the software […]

Over 4000 kids across the Nation set to take Free Common Core Math Prep Tests on March 28th

When the clock rings 2.00 PM EST on March 28th, over 4000 children from 44 states and the DC will be take their first Common Core Math Prep Tests online at मेधस Academy’s assessment site We are really excited about the opportunity to help these children better prepared for the first Common Core Assessments set to hit over […]