The Million Dollar Unsolved Math Problems – Are you up for them? Sixth and final lecture video in the Discover series

Hope you enjoyed the previous five videos in the Discover the Beauty of Math series. This is the final and an even more motivating Math story. After all, who doesn’t like a cool remuneration of $1 million for solving a Math problem? For those of you who haven’t read the previous 5 posts or watched […]

Fermat’s Last Theorem – the Mystery that defied Mathematicians for over 300 years: Fifth lecture video in the Discover the Beauty of Math series

In this fifth lecture in the Discover the Beauty of Math series, you and your children will unearth a great mystery of Math. Its seeds were laid about 2000 years back. The challenge was thrown about 350 years back in an intriguing manner – on the margin of an obscure book. It challenged the greatest mathematicians since […]

The Story of Pi: Third lecture video in Discover the Beauty of Math series

Hope you enjoyed The Language of Nature and The Platonic Solids lecture videos in the highly sought after Summer Program Series Discover the Beauty of Math. Here is the third in the series: The Story of Pi, a historical account of one of most interesting constants in Mathematics, π. It starts with a beautiful story of how […]

Platonic Solids: Second video in Discover the Beauty of Math Series

Hope you enjoyed the first video in the Discover the Beauty of Math series and learned how Nature expresses its through Math and the inherent beauty of the pattern-filled world. Here is the second video in the series on Platonic Solids and the beautiful Solid Geometry of the world around us. After watching the video and […]

Discover the Beauty of Math – Video recordings of 6 classes to discover the beauty of math

During the summer of 2014, I had the pleasure of presenting a series of six lectures titled Discovering the Beauty of Math to a select group of middle and high school students in Atlanta. The goal of this series was not teaching children techniques of math or problem solving, but to present them with the inherent […]

Top Ranked Children in MathGenius Critical Thinking Test (Georgia only currently)

Congratulations to all the children who had participated in the onsite MathGenius Critical thinking Math Tests. Please note this test is currently available to Georgia students only and is conducted onsite. At the request of many parents from across the country, we are exploring the possibility of making the MathGenius Critical Thinking program available to all the […]

44 States, 4000+ students, and a Roller Coaster Ride of Common Core Prep Tests!

Good morning all! What a roller coaster ride it was! Over a year from concept to execution: Hundreds of man days in researching, preparing the papers, reviewing, designing, developing and testing the software, deploying it on Amazon cloud, working with North South Foundation to reach out to thousands of parents/children across the United States, registering […]