All Set for kicking off Summer Programs and Mathcounts Intensive Coaching

Our award-winning Summer Camp teachers – Mrs. Jordan Kohanim and Mrs. Ashley Uhlrich (both of Northview High school) and Mr. John Strang (Settles Bridge Elementary and Tech Start-up fame) and I are excited to kickoff this year’s Summer Camp on June 6th. We have some students flying in from states as far as Ohio to attend the Summer Camps and we are really looking forward to  get the Camps started. We are also all set for kicking off the Mathcounts intensive coaching kicked off this Sunday.

Most Summer Camp sessions and Mathcounts seats are filled up, and just a few a seats are available for last minute registrations. If you would like to register, please do so ASAP at:

Here is a sneak preview of the upcoming Summer Camps:

Writing and Public Speaking Summer Camp 2015

Demonstrating Newton’s Laws of Motion with Pendulum

Having Fun with Geometry: Platonic Solids – Math Summer Camp 2014

Mathcounts coaching was initially designed for onsite only in our Atlanta center for rising 7th and 8th graders, but at the request of some die-hard parents from other states, we are also making it available online as well. Only two more seats are available. If interested, please contact us at below contacts.

Please see the below post for schedule, fee and other details. Sibling discounts and multi-camp discounts available. If you have any questions, please email us at or call at 2098-MATHUS (209.862.8487)