2016 MathCore Prep Test/ MathGenius Contest/SAT Prep Test

Note: Test registration deadline is extended until March 11th, Friday at the request of many parents. Please register as soon as possible so we can have a reasonable count of the students for each test/grade.

MathCore (Common Core Math) prep pest, MathGenius (Critical Thinking Math) National Contest, and PerfectScore (New SAT) prep tests are fast approaching. Please see the below table for details. To register your children, please visit our assessment website http://mathusacademy.org.

Test Description Mode Location Schedule Fee
MathGenius Critical Thinking Math National Contest Online mathusacademy.org Mar 14 – 20 $20
MathCore Online Common Core Math prep test Online mathusacademy.org Mar 14 – 20 Free
MathCore Onsite (GA only) Common Core Math prep test Onsite Settles Bridge Elementary (SBE) Mar 12th Free
PerfectScore New SAT prep test Onsite Settles Bridge Elementary (SBE) Mar 12th Free


If you live outside of Georgia, please choose online tests for both MathGenius and MathCore. If you live in Georgia, please choose MathGenius online and MathCore/PerfectScore onsite at SBE, Suwanee GA. MathGenius is online only National Contest for all children across the United States. For detailed instructions on creating accounts for each of your children and registering them for each test, please see the relevant posts below.

MathCore test will help your child get practice for the standardized Common Core Math tests before the real test in 45 Common Core states. The standardized Common Core tests may be called with different names in different states (PARCC, SmarterBalanced, Georgia Milestones etc).

MathGenius national contest will help you find where your child stands in critical thinking Math skills across the United States among the same grade children. It will also help your child get a boost in the critical thinking journey. Further, MathGenius top rankers will be awarded certificates . Dr Brian Lack, Math Curriculum specialist for Forsyth County school district, the top school district in Georgia and one of the top districts in the country, will be the official judge for the MathGenius contest. Dr Lack is a Ph D in Math. Apart from mentoring Math teachers across the County, Dr Lack has been conducting Pi Fight Math Contests for several years.

Online Tests: The online tests will be open for a full week from March 14th 00:00 hrs EST to  March 20th 23:59 hrs EST. During this week, the children may take each of the above two tests at any time of their convenience. Each test will be available for 75 minutes once the child starts the test. The test will automatically submit after 75 minutes, if not submitted by the child within 75 minutes. Each child will get 1 attempt only for each test. We have significantly upgraded both hardware and software for the test site http://mathusacademy.org, including load balancing across multiple servers to provide a good test experience for children.

Onsite tests in Atlanta metro area: If you live in the metro Atlanta area, we strongly recommend that you choose onsite test for MathGenius and online test for MathGenius (MathGenius is only available online). If you have high school going children, you may also register them for onsite only PerfectScore prep test. The onsite tests at SBE, Suwanee GA will be conducted on March 12th. The tests will start at 10 AM, but please arrive by 9 AM for check-in.

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Friends and Family: If you have any friends or family with kids who can utilize this opportunity, please feel free to forward this to them. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at support@mathusacademy.com.